May 23, 2013

Phone Dump

Adler's first swim in Meme and Papa's pool!
Adler's very last bottle. **tears**. The morning of his first birthday. The breast milk ran out ON his Birthday. How perfect. 
I've never seen anything so sad in my life. We went through 1,200+ ounces of breast milk in about 5 weeks. This was the last lonely little guy in the freezer. 
LOVE my new big beautiful standouts!  Thanks Sara Maurer!
A little IBC Rootbeer for the party. 
The two cutest boys I know!  Asher wanted to teach him how to walk!
I love matching outfits. 
Almost as much as I love BooBoo. 
My beautiful bedroom!  This deserves a post of its own...
Taking those first steps. 
My goodness. Just look at him. 
He cracks my shit up daily.  Helmet, riding gloves, no shirt and flip flops. 
They keep me busy!
And my house messy  
My little Brantley in the making!

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Jessie said...

My God your boys are DOLLS. So freaking adorable.