April 19, 2010

The Grand Tour

I realized this weekend that we've lived in Fairbury for a few months now and I've never gotten around to posting pictures of the house.  I've posted pictures of the kitchen and livingroom so I took some of the rest of the house this weekend.

Here are the pictures of Asher's room.  If you saw the pictures of his room at our house in Forrest - it looks exactly the same!  I even painted it the exact same color.  I don't know how well you can see the crib rail covers in this picture but Milissa had told me about them and I ordered them from here right away!  Ashlyn had chewed her rails all up and ruined her crib.
Our room.  For my family this looks the same as when Mom and Dad lived here.  Same bed.  Same dresser.  Same curtains.  Sad, I know.

Here is my bathroom, so hard to get a picture of a small room.  The only thing I really did was take down the border and replace the vanity top.  Oh yeah, and I put the birdie up.  One.leaf.at.a.time.

The dining room because I can't remember if I posted this one last time or not.  I love the hutch that Grandma Jane refinished it was Grandma Glo's and goes great with my table and chairs.

Moving on to the downstairs.  My new family room!  Goodbye ugly yellow paint.  It does look a little plain being so taupe but at least it looks like it goes together now.


Here is Taylor's room err I mean the "guest" room.  Thats the problem with living in my parent's house.  I still call most of the rooms by the "old" names. 

And finally Dustin's bathroom.  I didn't get a chance to get the towel bar up but Dustin said that was just fine because I pry wouldn't have done it right anyway.  I still need to find a few things for this room because it is SOOO black and white.

The only rooms I didn't get a picture of were Asher's bathroom, but I plan on re-doing that now before his Birthday party and the other bedroom upstairs.  The other bedroom just has our computer desk in it right now.  And a tub of kitchen stuff that I started unpacking in December.  Ugh.

Oh wait...one more bedroom...I can't believe I'm gonna let you guys see this but here it goes...DUN DUN DUN

The toy room.  Formerly known as RJ's room.  So yeah, this is where everything went that didn't have a place when we unpacked in December.   I had great intentions of unpacking a couple of boxes each week and having it all cleaned out in no time.  The only problem with this house vs our house in Forrest is we don't have a storage area.  I guess we could haul all the crap to Mom and Dad's and put it in their basement. hehe  I do however, need to get this done sooner than later because Bubby's 1st Birthday is fast approaching and I can just imagine the amount of toys he'll be getting that we'll need a place to put. 

Maybe next week I'll have a post for outside after Bob gets done working on the Fence!

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