April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

Awww such a nice boy and a big help to Uncle RJ when he took apart all Daddy's electronic "stuff" in preparation for painting the family room.  While Dustin was in Costa Rica last week I had Uncle Bob come and paint the family room and Dad's Dustin's bathroom as a surprise for Dustin.  Those are a couple of the last rooms to be re-done in the house.  So RJ came over to help me take apart the surround system and move some furniture before Bob came in the morning. (Side note: remember this ugly yellow wall color when you see the after pictures later!)
A couple of weeks ago Scott Small gave us this little bike cart thingy and yesterday was the first time Dustin had a chance to get it out.  He took Asher for a ride and he LOVED it!  And Mommy loves the 50 point harness in it :)

And here is Asher's new recliner that I just couldn't resist picking up on Saturday (even though I had to ride home with it on my lap cuz there was no room in the truck)  He loves to sit in it and stand on it and jump - just don't recline it, he hates that.

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