June 3, 2010

Asher's Birthday

Yesterday was Asher's 1st Birthday!!!  The weather was good by the time I got back to town in the afternoon.  We had pizza at Grandma & Grandpas and then loaded Bubby up in the wagon and headed to the park with Auntie Taylor.  Asher enjoyed another Popsicle on the way to the park and managed to be a sticky mess by the time we got there.  He loved the swing!  He thew a small fit when I got him out.  
The slide was just OK

He didn't wanna sit still on the little bouncy thing

And the horsey was the worst thing ever!
Cool Dude in his shades

So then we headed home and filled up the pool.  Asher is a little fish and loves to splash and play in the pool.


I had made Asher a lemon cake for his birthday and Taylor thought that wasn't good enough so she made him chocolate cupcakes yesterday afternoon!

Hanging out in his new crab pool from Grandma & Grandpa.  It was perfect for last night because he was a crabby little boy by then without having an afternoon nap.  Mommy was so worried about packing his day full of fun that we forgot that he might need a nap in there somewhere!  We might have a future golfer on our hands too because he hasn't let go of his new golf clubs since he got them last night!!!

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