June 11, 2010

We've got Floaters!

I guess I should have known that this would happen eventually but I really did think he would have given me a little more warning.  While we were eating dinner Asher grunted and groaned the whole time and I expected his diaper to be full when we got done.  But I went to take his diaper off before his bath and there was nothing in it.  So we got in the tub and he and Auntie Taylor splashed and played.  Its a good thing he was all done because all of a sudden he got this look on his face and then this happened:

Yuck!  So I quick grabbed him out of the tub and then this happened:

Because someone was not ready to get out yet!

Taylor was quick to grab her camera but laughing so hard I thought she was going to pee her pants.  It must be really funny when you're the one that doesn't have to clean up the poop.  So I told her to go find Dustin.  And my husband, the PLUMBER, comes in and takes one look - gags and walks out.  He must have been hiding because by the time I had it almost completely cleaned up he brought me in a pair of rubber gloves.  Gee, thanks honey.

Although its kind of funny now it still wasn't nearly as funny as one of my favoriate bloggers Heir to Blair's Epic Poop of May 4th, 2010.  If you haven't read that click on her name and be sure to read her experience!

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