July 15, 2010

Going Away....

Finally, we are getting away for a weekend.  I just haven't decided if I'm excited yet or not because I'm not ready to leave my boys for the weekend.  We leave this afternoon for Lake Shelbyville.  I haven't been on a little vacation since we went to Shelbyville in August of 2008.  Thats a loooooooooong time for us to go without a vacation.  I'm working this morning but getting off at noon and we're leaving as soon as I get back.  I feel bad leaving work when we're so busy but I'm kind of glad to get away from the people putting "annual ripoff" in the check memo when paying their taxes.  HAHA you're so funny! 

So we'll be off this afternoon!  Me & Dustin, Taylor & Josh, Ryan & Milissa and Dan & Samantha.  I should have lots of pictures when we get back and a story or two to tell. 

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