July 20, 2010


This pretty much sums up my little vacation.  FREEDOM!!!  Don't get me wrong, I missed my little boys and bawled like a baby every time I called home but it was nice to not have to be a Mommy 24/7 for a little while.  Hell I think I even drank more than the 6 pack I was planning on that weekend.  I think it was more like 8! 
Milissa was a trooper for going out in that heat and being pregnant.  I never once heard her complain.  Speaking of complaining, Ryan must have thought I was going to be a major pain because he kept telling me how proud he was of me for not being a party pooper all weekend.  He must have been prepared for the worst!  But hey, I drank a little - and get this!  I didn't even pull my Kindle out when people were around!!!  I only read before bed and in the morning before the other lazy butts got out of bed.  We got there late Thursday afternoon and spent some time in the pool then made dinner and had some friendly competition on the putting green that night.  Friday morning we were out on the lake early and had to either be cruising or in the water because it was so hot!  We spent Saturday on the lake again and met up with my Uncle Bruce and some friends from Fairbury for a while then went back and got cleaned up to go out to dinner that night.  We were up bright and early Sunday morning to get home.  I missed my little boy!
Golfing, in the dark, the first night.
Haha this is priceless!  Josh trying on Taylor's "chicken fillets"
As if the whole bottle of lighter fluid and small tree weren't enough to get the fire going Ryan thought he would get down and blow on it.  Actually, it worked and got the fire going.
Ryan & Milissa waiting for a new gas cap at the Marina
Mmmmm Blackberry Merlot!  Taylor was rockin Dustin's shades after she broke hers.
Dumb and Dumber, need I say more?
The Sisters. 
Ryan in his diaper
The group going out for dinner
Dan & Sam Brown, Ryan & Milissa Welborn, Dustin & Me and Taylor & Josh
And yes, ewwwww one of the highlights of my trip was getting to pop Dustin's spider bite on his neck.  He was bit in a basement at work on Wednesday and this thing got NASTY before it was all over with!

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Look at you little hot Mama!!!