July 23, 2010

Holy Molars!

My poor Bubby.  His molars are coming in on both sides and they are huge!  He's been chewing on his hands constantly all week.  The kid goes 100 mph all day long but he's like a little druggie when you pull out the Tylenol.  He sits down right where he's at and waits patiently! 

We're going to have to start calling him Crash.  I'm sure you saw this picture on Wednesday:

He did that on Tuesday while running around the kitchen with a plastic pitcher.  Annie said she was right next to him the whole time.  But you know what?  It really doesn't matter.  The kid only has one speed: running.  He goes non-stop from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed.  What a Little Stinker.

We actually have no big plans for this weekend so that will be nice.  I was informed this morning that I am too old to go school shopping anymore.   WTF?  I guess I'll just stay home on Saturday while everyone else gets to go shopping.  I don't think I would have wanted to go with my brother anyway. 

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