July 26, 2010

Resident Evil

As most of you know I think BooBoo is perfect.  And for the most part he is.  There is only one time when he acts like a very bad little boy: when he goes to the vet.  We used to go to the groomer on a regular basis.  He didn't love it but he did fine.  After I was pregnant he became terrible for the groomer and it got to the point where he got kicked out of the groomer. 

So now I have to drive him to our vet in Piper City every couple of months to have his nails trimmed and his glands done.  He does not enjoy this - not that I blame him.  My sweet little cuddly BooBear turns into a totally different dog as soon as we hit the brick road in Piper.  He knows as soon as we hit the bumps in the road where we're at.  So last time I put the muzzle on him with no problems at all and all went pretty well.  (Yes, my 6 lb Chihuahua needs a muzzle)

So I went inside Saturday morning and got the muzzle, went back out to the truck and tried to put it on him.  And tried.  And tried.  And tried.  Four bite marks for me later and one less tooth for Boo and we gave up.  I can't believe hit bit me so hard he lost a tooth!

So I just handed him and the tooth over to Dr Whitman and he took it from there.  When he came out Dr Whitman had a new name to add to his growing list that he has for Boo:

Venomous Viper
Resident Evil

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