August 8, 2010


Yes, that's how I baby talk Boo.  And guess what?  Today is my little BooBear's 5th Birthday!!!  He's finally passed Dustin up in dog years and even has a few gray hairs on his chin to prove it.  Since Boo came from a Flea Market in Tennessee (yeah you heard me right) and we never got his "papers" this is his official-unofficial birthday! 

While Ryan and Milissa were living in Tennessee for a little while we made a trip down to stay with them.  The girls went to a flea market one day and there was a little stand that had pets.  I passed by and saw a kennel with 2 tiny Chihuahuas in it and fell in love with Little Boo.  It only took 25 phone calls to Dustin and lots of threats before he finally said "A Taco Bell Dog?"  -- "OK." So that's how Boo came to live with us.  He has been the best little guy ever, except for those trips to the vet.  He may be a little overprotective and not to sure around strangers but he LOVES his family.  Here are a few pictures of Boo from the last couple of years.

This one makes me so upset that somehow it was cut off but here is a picture from when we were still in Tennessee of Boo next to Zelma.  He was soooo tiny compared to her!

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