August 10, 2010

Sick Baby

So yeah, Asher has been sick again.  He went to the Dr last Monday for a bit of a wee-wee problem and came out with an antibiotic for his continuing ear infection.  Things seemed to be going good until he woke up from his nap Saturday morning.  I got back from the grocery store and he had just woken up.  I thought he seemed really warm and took his temp.  103.4. --- shit.  So I gave him some Tylenol and a lukewarm bath and after a little while it seemed to come down a bit. 

We did end up going out Saturday night (that's another post) and Ray and Sue kept him that night.  When she put him down his temp was 100.  I was happy with that.  Sunday morning though we started the whole thing over again.  He ran a fever between 103 & 104 most of Sunday and all through the night.  So it was back to the Dr yesterday.  I ended up staying home with him yesterday.  Poor little guy was pretty pathetic.  The good news was that his ears were completely healed up.  So we aren't quite sure what is causing the fever.  He is getting his molars (1 is through) but that shouldn't cause that high of a temp.  He had been screaming while he was peeing a little over a week ago so Dr Austman wanted to test him for a bladder infection.  That meant I spent yesterday afternoon trying to collect a urine sample.  Just try to imagine that one.  Poor kid had a plastic bag taped to his little wee-wee and a perpetual plastic wedgie.  And I couldn't really get him to drink.  I even busted out the baby bottles but he didn't want them either.  He finally peed around 4 but somehow the bag got stuck to his leg and we missed. 

So then Taylor and I put him in the tub and I had a cup ready and I even sang "Pee Pee in the Bath Tub!" But that didn't work.  Evidently the 1/2 oz I sent with Mom today wasn't enough because we have to try again to night.  Poor Bubbs!  His temp was down this morning so hopefully it stays that way.

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