August 11, 2010

Jimmy's 21st Birthday

Saturday night Ray and Sue watched Asher while we went to Jimmy Golliday's 21st Birthday party!  I hadn't been out like that since Mom and Dad's Anniversary party 2 years ago and boy did I have a good time!!!  Here are a few of the pictures from that night.

Taylor and the Birthday Boy

Heidi, Taylor & Me

Dad, Chad, Dustin and Rae

Jared, Jimmy, Taylor and Kevin

Taylor, Jacqui & Me

Taylor & Wanger Dancing!

Rae, Terri, Me, Mom & Heidi

Kevin, Chad & Dustin

I think everyone had a great time that night.  I'm glad Dad finally came over and told us it was time to go home because one more mini bottle of wine and I might have been a little over my limit. 

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