September 29, 2010

Car Show Weekend

 Saturday was the Wabash Festival in Forrest so that morning Taylor, RJ and I all took our cars over for the car show that my Dad puts on.  They had a few vendors set up along main street and the little train was running for the kids all day. 

 Dustin took Asher for a ride on the little train and he loved it!  I helped sand this down when I was in high school and Dad painted it.

 On Sunday we went to Clinton for another car show and the Pork & Apple Festival.  Asher was such a good boy even though the weather wasn't the greatest.  He loved dancing to the music at the car show and being pushed around at the festival.

 Yeah, its got a 454.

 Hmmmm I wonder if Dr Kevin would mind if I took a ride in his Vette?
Silly Faces

Cooler than Uncle RJ in the Grand National

Cullen did a great job pushing the stroller for me, put Asher right to sleep!

We ate at Ted's Garage which was right next to Baum Chevrolet where the car show was.  That place is awesome if you ever get the chance to go eat there.  We really need to take a cruise there some Sunday in the Chevelle for lunch.

Ah yes, the results.  Taylor won, RJ won, Kevin Brucker won.  This Mama?  Nothin.  Dad tried telling me I should have won and this and that.  But at this point it really doesn't matter.  I need to spend my money on diapers and things like that instead of a new set of wheels for my car. 

When Taylor wins its not a big deal, but RJ won his first trophy and he kept flipping me off the whole.way.home.  And asking me - Where is yoouuuuuuuur trophy?  And Where is yourrrrrrrrrrrr duffle bag?  Little jerk. 

But we stopped and ate dinner at the Bayern Stube in Gibson on the way home so that made it all better!

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