September 28, 2010

Homecoming Parade

Yes, I realize that I'm a little bit behind but here are the pictures from Homecoming Weekend (17th -18th).  On Friday Asher got to ride on Dad's firetruck in the Homecoming Parade.  Chad held him while Ethan rode in the back.  Dad said he was loving running the siren until he saw all of the people then he was a little freaked out.

And yes, thats my Little Brother.  Riding with the golfers I would guess?!?!
Saturday night was Homecoming.  Here is RJ and his date Ashley Mueller from Gridley. 
What a stud.

That afternoon I did Katelynn's hair.  We went over to take pictures before her and Cam left.  Asher gave her kisses - so cute!

On a side note, I believe I had the Homecoming King in my pre-school Sunday School Class.  Does that make me old?

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Jarrin said...

oh my word does that mean i taught him too, or did you teach sunday school another year besides when kris, you, and i did it together?!? WOW we ARE getting older... lol