October 21, 2010


My camera died for a while so I didn't have much to post the last week or so.  I did find these random pictures on there though.
Mom and Dad's garage is coming along.  Its almost done now and we're having Dad's birthday party out there this Saturday.

And I love my Little Man in his Halloween shirt!

This one cracks me up.  This would be Dustin's idea of raking leaves.  He did this at our house in Forrest and we got a letter from the Village saying that you could not rake your leaves into the gutter.  So what does he do?  Goes out at 9:30 at night and does the same damn thing.  I don't know if he thinks doing it under the cover of darkness would save him - but I'm pretty sure everyone could hear the leaf blower going.

Asher hanging out with Papa at Ethan's birthday party last Friday night.

Things are going good.  We're still working on the paci thing but he's been something else lately.  He keeps finding things to stack next to the TV so that he can reach the buttons on the side and turn it on and off.  And he will take the tray off of the ice/water dispenser of the fridge and use it to press the button so that water goes all over the floor.  He just gives you that look and keeps doing whatever you tell him not to do.  He continues to throw his food all over whenever he eats.  I think he just likes to try my patience.   

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