December 13, 2010

Popejoy Christmas Party

Saturday night we had the Popejoy Christmas Party.  We took a bus down to Central Station, which is now called Station 220 and had dinner.  The food was really good and I was able to snap one picture of our end of the table before my battery died. 
Left to right: Kevin Holt, Josh Dehm, Bethany Meiss, Aaron Meiss.  Dustin, Me and Josh Steidinger.

We have a great time at the Christmas Party every year but the shop seems to be growing so much that there were so many people there you feel like you don't have a chance to talk to everybody.  After dinner we went to the Treehouse Comedy Club - where we were pretty much the only people in there.  I kind of felt sorry for the guy because we had quite a group of people there - and Mike Kupferschmid had plenty to say.

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