December 14, 2010

Mama - Mama - Mama!

Remember just a short while ago when I wrote this post?  Well it didn't take long for things to change.  Asher is now a Mama's boy again.  I'm not going to complain but most nights he is literally up my butt.  No, I'm serious.  He stands behind me screaming "MAMAMAMAMAMA" while I'm trying to do something with his arms wrapped around my legs and his head up my butt.

But that's OK, because I would rather have it that way than him not want me at all.  So since I don't think any pictures exist of my Mom and us kids while Dustin took Annie home last night I tried to snap a few pictures of Asher and myself.  I think all I did was make him think I was crazy.

Who are you waving at? 
I swear I don't know her... 
Oh, OK - I'll play along.

This is what happens when little boys touch the glass on the fireplace.  After weeks of pointing at it and telling me it was hot I thought we were good.  Sunday night I just about caught him before he touched it but no such luck.

Auntie Taylor came later and snapped a couple of pictures before bath time.

And I'll leave you with Asher blowing you a kiss!

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