May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister

Today The Sister turns 21.

Kind of hard to believe.  In 2 days our "Motley Crue" will be boarding a plane for Las Vegas, I belive there are 13 women ranging from 21 to 71 going on this trip.  Wow, this should be interesting!  The Sister has a practice round tonight in Fairbury, I'll have to take it easy because I have to work tomorrow.

Sister and I were not close when we were little.  I don't think we even liked each other.  I'm not sure when that changed but I think it was about the time that she got out of High School.  Once you turn 18 a 4 year age difference doesn't seem like much.  Since then we've been super-close.  And even closer since she's been dating Josh.  Don't worry Sister, I think you'll have all the time in the world to thank me for hooking you guys up :)

And ever since Asher came along she's been my right hand.  She loves that kid like no other and was at my house bright and early every day for the 3 months I was on maternity leave.  What a lifesaver, otherwise I'm not sure I would have showered most days.  Not only that, only a Sister would do the things she had to do for me.  After my c-section she had to help me with things I didn't think I'd need help with until I was in a nursing home - thank you for that, I'll buy you a drink tonight... and hold your hair while you puke.

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Whitney_87 said...

Its so crazy to me that Taylor is 21 today. I remember when she was in Kindergarten and came home from school and I was sick and couldn't go to school and Annie watched us. Her and I played and played and played all day. Its so hard to believe she is 21. Happy Birthday Taylor!