May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day this year.  We had Brody's Baptism Sunday morning and he was a perfect little peanut the whole time!  I forgot my camera but I'm sure Milissa will post some pictures.  Afterward we had brunch at Mom and Dad's.  It turned out to be a beautiful day and the kids got to play outside.  Asher got to "ride" all day.
Would you just look at this boy? 
We had another reason to celebrate on Sunday!!!  My cousin Adelaide Addie got engaged to Wes last week!  After waiting for weeks for the ring to get done and all of us knowing that he bought the house that she really wanted he finally popped the question.  We are all excited for their October 2012 wedding but sad that we missed Wes this weekend.  I guess he did need to see his Mom on Mother's Day :)
Look at that rock!  She got an oval, she has good taste like me :)
Ashlyn loves Mom's cat Lucy.  Here she is asking "Woosy" if she likes her shirt.  Woosy was not impressed.

The kids got to go on lots of golf cart rides because that was the easiest way to keep them occupied

Grandma Jane brought the kids colored bubbles which were really cool until the kids spilled them all over themselves.
I got to spend some time feeding and playing with this little guy

While my little guy played with his cousins
And of course Josh was there.  Can you tell by the mocking smile on his face that he loves to terrorize me?  He's lucky I like him so much or I'd have to kick his butt for the way he picks on me.  He says he does it because my husband doesn't.

He doesn't because he knows whats good for him!

I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.
As you can tell, Asher was thrilled to stop and spend a minute with his Mommy :)

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