May 9, 2011

Saturday Night

If you would have told me 10 years ago, at the ripe old age of 15, that my future Saturday night would consist of hanging out in the toy room at home (my parents home) with my Brother and Sister-in-Law and our 2 year olds I would have never believed you.  I especially wouldn't have believed that Beau Ryan would be my Brother-in-Law, how weird.  Or that I would LOVE hanging out with the Sister because at 11 she was still in that awkward stage...

But that's just what we did Saturday night and we had fun.  We sat in the toy room and played with the kids and told stories - I love these people.
We grilled out and Josh brought his RC car and reminded me that although we are only a couple of months apart in age I am leaps and bounds ahead of him in maturity.
After dinner the kids ran wild
And so did the parents!

Here is Aunt Heidi teaching Asher a new trick, how to lick a bottle cap and stick it to your forehead.  What a good influence she is!

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Jarrin.. Raquel.. Rach.. Rachil.. said...

ummmm i totally agree with your first paragraph - 10 years ago... WOW how time changes things! :-] lol