May 4, 2011

We have a theme!

Asher's Birthday party is one month from today.  Whew, I haven't really started planning but we have decided on a theme!  And it is:

Vintage Firetruck

Our photographer Laura Kruger actually got me thinking about this as a theme a long time ago.  She saw a picture of my Dad's fire truck on the blog and said that would make a great family photo.  Well we tried to get it done this spring but it just didn't work out but I realized that Dad had this little Fire Truck peddle car at the body shop and it was perfect to get his picture taken with!  So we are having a "vintage" fire truck themed birthday party and Dad is going to bring his fire truck to the party and give rides to the kiddos!!!  (Did you hear that Dad?  Good!)

Hopefully I'll get everything accomplished in the next month, May is a VERY busy month for us.  Not only is it Mother's day but I have a very special mini-vacay planned in case you have forgotten for the Sister's Birthday!!!  I cannot wait.  Although I am a little nervous because Dustin has never had Asher for more than a couple of hours.  I overheard him telling Asher the other night they were going to stay up late, eat popcorn and drink before bed.  I guess everything I tell them they can't do.  Please pray for my sanity while I'm gone.

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