June 26, 2011

Road Trip!

We took off early Friday morning for Nashville.  I didn't even cry when I left Asher, although I wanted to.  He was more than happy to spend the weekend with Nannie. 
The ride down was a long one, especially trying to keep up with Kevin who was in front of us.  I was sick to my stomach the whole way.  There were way too many lane changes and high speeds for this girl.
The guys didn't want their picture taken 
And because we couldn't keep up with this guy we missed our exit 
So Josh STOPS on the interstate and backs up.  I was hyperventilating at this point.
Next time I think I'll drink before we leave.

We finally got there are went walking around by our hotel.  We had drinks and dinner - just hitting places that looked cool as we walked by.
Because my husband is so mature he wanted Taylor and I take this picture.

I was having a good time then Annie called and said that Asher had a temp of 102.  He had been fine the day before and that morning so I didn't know what was going on.  That pretty much ruined the rest of the night for me.  I told her the dosage for Tylenol and to give him a bath.  His fever broke at 2 AM and by Saturday morning it was gone and he was back to his old self.  Maybe he just wanted to keep his Mommy in check that night!

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Lori said...

The trick to riding with Dr Brucker is not to look at the rate of speed he is driving.