June 27, 2011

Hi Everybody

Let me just say that I am so glad I wrote that post about blogs.  Funny how everyone has a little stalker in them.  Especially since I also happen to stalk Brooke, JillJessie and The Mousty's.  Hmmm didn't know that?  Well I know all about you guys too... scary huh?  Although it is funny that we have friends in common with Brooke and I would have never known it if she wouldn't have left a comment.

And since I wrote this post I have a couple of new blogs to follow: The Oakley Family and The Bracken Family (I went to school with your brother:)  Then I also heard from my friend Jarrin who has gone off and moved to Mexico.  And Bri who left me a comment a few months ago.  And an anonymous comment from someone I might see around sometime.

But to tell you the truth it was you, Katie Jones, that I was most excited to see "lurking!"  I was sitting at a bar in Nashville having a great time and decided to make sure my next post posted OK when I saw I had a new comment.  You made my day :)

I think this will make me stop creeping so much on other people's blogs and start leaving comments.  I think we all like to hear from the people who find our day-to-day lives interesting!


rachel b said...

hi there! i first saw your blog from sara t's blog and then i saw you again on laura k's blog feed! i think your family is adorable! nice to "meet" you!
rachel b.

rachel b said...

ps - my family blog is set as private so if you give me your email i'll add you as a reader! ;)

Julie S. said...

I am trying to comment more as well! :)