July 5, 2011

Night at the Farm

Dustin took Friday off of work to play in a golf outing with Mom, Grandma Jane, Ryan and Milissa.  So after work I ran by Sue's and picked Asher up.  We had just planned on going home and hanging out for the night but Dustin called on the way home and said that they were heading out to the farm with a couple of pizzas.  Since I love to cook dinner so much Asher and I loaded up the truck and headed out there.
We took his 4-wheeler so he would have some wide open space to ride it  
Daddy go fast! 

Cullen went for a ride too - I can wait a long time for Asher to be able to ride this fast!
I can't decide if he looks totally innocent or guilty here... 
But we had a great night - it was perfect out 
And Asher loves hanging out and acting like one of the boys

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