July 3, 2011

Our Anniversary

Thursday night was just like any other night around our house.  Dustin did send me roses at work so that was a surprise.  After I picked Asher up we ran to the grocery store then had a fancy dinner of BLT's and corn on the cob.  Then we walked over to Mom and Dad's and stole their golf cart.
Asher insisted that he could hold Boo's leash 
It was so cute! 
We took a ride over to Beau & Jodi's because Asher was missing Charlee 

But Aunt Jodi and Charlee weren't home yet and all Daddy and Uncle Beau do is talk shop... 
So Mommy and Asher played around for a while 
Asher was SO excited when Jodi pulled up.  He started jumping up and down and yelling Charlee!!! 
Charlee showed us how she has a big girl bed now 
And Asher thought he'd better help her test it out 

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