August 23, 2011

My Dad is having a nervous breakdown.
Here's why.
When I left for work this morning Mom & Dad's back yard looked like this. 
Dustin & Aaron arrived and were ready to work. 
But he wouldn't have been smiling if he knew then what kind of day he would have.

Because it poured rain here most of the day.  And they were digging a hole for a pool.  In the rain.  I wish I would have left my camera there beacause Mom said Dustin looked like a duck in his yellow rain slicker.

Meanwhile Dad was at work.  They said he was curled up in the fetal position murmering that he should have just bought a pool pass. 
Here is what it looked like when I got home. 
Kind of hard to tell that they got 3" of rain. 
Asher is ready for the pool to be done.  Mom even had to leave the house when it came time to get the pool off of the truck.  Our family does not have nerves of steele - that's for sure.

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