August 10, 2011

A Thinkin Stool & A Urinal

Tuesday night we had dinner with Mom and Dad.  Earlier that afternoon while I was making my hour long trek from Pontiac to Gibson City for a dentist appointment I couldn't believe how beautiful the sky was with all the puffy white clouds.  I called RJ to tell him I wanted to try and do some of his "senior pictures" that night.  Of course he didn't answer his phone.  I use the term senior pictures very loosely because I'm going to attempt them and if they suck they are going to have them professionally done :)

When RJ didn't answer I called Mom to tell her so she got out his clothes and ironed them and got everything ready.  On my way home from Gibson I got to thinkin... (hehe) that my Great Uncle John Weber's Thinkin Stool would be great for pictures so I called Dad to bring it home.  That's when RJ informed me that I was a douchebag and that he was busy tonight because he was going to get "subs" for his new truck.  Oh to be 17 again and be sooooooooo cool.
Who needs a new truck when you've got the Silver Stallion.  This beast has AM radio and the horn honks when you turn left...  His new truck couldn't possibly have nothin on that.

Uncle Johns Thinkin Stool.
It's been said that he dreamed up the Weber Weeder on this very stool.

Asher and  Papa lounged around in the hot tub after dinner.  Since Papa won't let him go peepee in the back yard anymore we figured it was time for Asher to learn how to use the urinal in the garage.

My Dad has the most beautiful urinal I've ever seen.  Granted, I haven't seen too many urinals in my lifetime but I'm guessing this has to be one of the prettiest there is!

The surround came out of an old bank in Ransom

And the urinal itself was surplus from a prison...
but it does have beautiful vintage inspired tile!
And a lock
And if this isn't cute as a button I don't know what is!

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Julie S. said...

"and the horn honks when you turn left"- That is hilarious! Everyone should have something like that!