August 9, 2011

Country Mouse Goes to the City

Friday night after work I went to pick up Asher at Ray and Sue's and decided to stay and hang out with the guys at the shop for a little bit. 
These guys work hard for their money
As demonstrated by Dan
Last week Asher wanted to hang with Kup - this week he sat on Ryan's lap for a good 15 minutes.

While Mommy was busy "focusing" on her Brantley huggie - but hey, I got it!

On Saturday morning we loaded up and headed up north to go wedding dress shopping with my cousin Addie!  This sounds like a great time but by the time we got there Mom and I had almost killed each other trying to drive up there.  I can't drive my way out of a box.  Literally.

On the other hand I like to think that I can co-pilot.  The only problem is that my Mom seems to think that I come off as bossy and ended up yelling at me the whole time that she was gonna pull over and make me drive.  I can hardly drive in Pontiac let alone in - well I'm not even sure where we were.  Aurora - Naperville - Montgomery... I think all 3 at some point in the day.  Mom was ready for a drink by lunch time.  We were out of our element but getting to experience this with Addie was worth it!

VaVa-Voom!  Very Vintage!

And the back was Beautiful!
But this wasn't it.

This next one I was in LOVE with.

It was gorgeous!

So was Addie!

So disappointed this came out blurry because I love that you can see Grandma Jane & The Sister smiling in the mirror.

Addie did find a dress but of course I would never post a picture!

One the way home I scouted out a new place for some pictures.
Can't wait!

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