September 9, 2011

Sometimes, I even impress myself...

Let's face it.  We all know I'm not a "Domestic Diva."  My house is usually strung from one end to the other with toys, I really only cook 1 day a week and my Grandma does most of my laundry. 

But last Monday - Labor Day - I got all domestic.  I made laundry detergent and fabric softener.  Like in a pot, at home.  Yes you heard me right!  I saw the laundry detergent recipe on Laura's blog and thought it looked really easy.  Plus its like $6.00 to make enough for 576 loads.  Then while I was at it I decided to look around online and see if there were any recipes for fabric softener.  There are all kinds but this is the one that we used:

2 cups hair conditioner (I used the cheap Suave stuff)
3 cups white vinegar
6 cups water

That's it!  I whisked it really good and poured it in a big bottle.  Just give it a lil shake every time you use it!

So far I'm pretty impressed with how well these work.  So if you're looking for a little rainy day project give it a try.

That same day I did about 6 loads of laundry.  Beacause it was Monday.  Nana Jane usually comes on Monday.

Mom & I had gone to the grocery store that morning and I bought a TON of groceries becuase we had no food.  Then I went home and made 3 dinners.  I found some recepies online that you can assemble in gallon freezer bags - thaw them out the night before - and then throw in the crockpot when you go to work.  When we actually eat one of these I'll post the receipe if it's worth a shit.

Then I made banana bread in the crockpot.  Seriously, I think you can make anything in there!  Mom & Dad came for dinner and Ray and Sue stopped by.  It was a great day :)

PS.  I placed my first print order last night - and it wasn't my Mom.  I'm beyond excited!


Jarrin said...

i don't know whether to call you a susie homemaker or the next betty crocker! ;-]

Sara said...

I may have to try the homemade laundry detergent and fabric softener....

Smileyface said...

you are inspiring me----who has been called very domestic--being a stay-at-mama and such ;) way to go.....and you are doing an amazing job with your photography too! you have a gift!

Julie S. said...

Congrats on placing a print order! That is so exciting! You are SO talented!

Jill said...

This motivates me!