October 6, 2011

I don't know how it works - it just does.

Whenever I'm shooting someone I'm usually freaking out at the same time.  What if these turn out like shit? What if something happens to my memory card?  What if the lighting is awful?  The sister came along when we did Kristen's pics last weekend so I gave her my other camera and told her to document the whole process.  I can't believe through all our sweating, climbing and watching out for cow pies that the pics turned out as good as they did.

How did we get her dress dirty?  We took paper towels, soaked them in mud - and I threw them at her dress.  It was really technical. 
The next day she emailed me and said she should have just rolled around in the mud.  Why didn't we think of that? 
Writing the words with a chunky eye liner pencil
You want me to do what? 
I don't know how many times I climbed up and down this hill 
Ahhhh my butt is wet - its soooo cold.
Haha she couldn't get up from this position either and all The Sister & I could do was laugh. 
Is this not the coolest location ever?  See that corrigated metal on the end of the hill up there?  Sister wasn't there yet but Kris and I had to climb up that thing to get on the railroad tracks.  It wasn't pretty so I'm glad there is nothing to document that.  It was either that or walk all the way out to the road then about a quarter mile up the road to the tracks.  Then we would have to do it all over again to come back.  We decided it would be easier to climb that thing. 

I would love to go back here but considering the fact that we hopped someones fence I don't think we should risk it again.  Kristen & I played down in the creek here all the time when we were kids.  So hopping the fence one last time seemed like a good idea.

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Julie S. said...

How awesome. You are SO talented, and I love what lengths you went to get those great shots!