October 5, 2011

Rader Farms

After I took Stevie's pics on Saturday Asher & I loaded up and headed to Rader Farms to meet up with Milissa & the kiddos and Samantha and Sydney.  Asher was soooo excited to be seeing his little friends.  The kids had a blast but by then end of the afternoon Mili & I were a little frazzled and ready to head home.  I can't imagine what it will be like when we have 4 to keep track of.

Looking at the animals in the petting zoo. 
The best.  Out of like 10. 
They are so funny. 
I told Milissa I think kids are brats.  Check out this like 5 year old robbing my poor lil 2 year old.  I'm glad Asher isn't a big bratty kid yet that other parents roll their eyes at... 
Ashlyn shared her snack. 
And made Asher VERY happy. 
I think the kids in the little houses scared him.  He just hung out at the mailbox all day. 
The 3 kiddos. 
Brody was a good lil guy as usual. 
He loved playing with Sydney! 
Asher thought the hay castle was lots of fun. 
Cuz Mommy wasn't up there to stop him from jumping. 
I just love him 

Asher thought riding in the stroller with Brody was so much fun.
Brody just thought it was time for a nap. 
The kids showed us how they could do somersaults. 
and over again. 

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