November 30, 2011

Asher's Big Train Ride

Last Monday (yeah I know I'm behind) my Mom's side of the family took the 3 kiddos on the train to Chicago!  Asher was soooo excited.
He loved the train but after a lil over an hour he said "I'm Done."  Poor kid, that is a long time to sit still. 
Daddy took the week off and was home with Asher.  He went to Chicago with us (as in Me, My Mom, The Sister, Grandma Jane, Annie, Aunt Kristi, Milissa, Rachel, Ashlyn and Kane).  He said he would never go anywhere with all of us women again. 
Yes, those are our children.  On leashes. 
Asher was very excited to see Woody at the Lego Store. 
But all that excitement wears a kid out.  He's getting to be a lil big to carry around like a sleeping baby :)

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