November 8, 2011

Conversations with Asher

My little Bubby makes me laugh every single day.  Sometimes he says something I just stare at him like "where did you come up with that???"  Here are just a few from the last couple of weeks.

As I was getting ready to leave for work:
Mommy: "Bye Buddy, I love you."
Asher: "ByeBye Mommy.  I love you.  Don't drive too fast."

As I was getting dressed this morning:
Mommy: "Hey Buddy, what should Mommy wear to work today?"
Mommy: "Awww I wish I could but I can't wear those to work."
Asher: "Wear Jeans & Boots!"

another morning....

Asher: "Whats that?"
Mommy: "A bra"
Asher: "Why?"
Mommy: "I have to wear that when I leave the house"
Asher: "Do you have two?"
Mommy: "Yeah, I have more than two."
Asher: "Good job Mommy."
Mommy: "Thank You?"
Asher: "You're welcome."

As we are brushing our teeth
Asher: "Mommy, brush your tongue."
Mommy: "I can't right now Bud, it makes me gag."
Asher: "Yeah, Mommy chokes."

As I was getting ready to leave for Brantley
Mommy: "Mommy is going byebye tonight with Tee Tee and Josh"
Asher: "Noooooooo, Mommy stay home."
Mommy: "But Mommy is going to see Brantley!"
Mommy: "When you turn 21 Mommy will take you to see Brantley."
Asher: "But I's Big!"

When I got home from Chicago Sunday
Asher: "I missed you Mommy" with a big hug!

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Wish I Might said...

I just bought this book for Gabe this weekend. It's such a neat idea for keeping the funny things your kid says.