November 7, 2011

Take it Outside

Saturday morning we boarded the train in Pontiac for our little adventure to the big city.  Thank God Addie met us at Union Station because I'm not sure me, The Sister and Josh would have made it out and to where we were going on our own.  Addie took charge and got us a cab and to the Condo of Nicole's cousins where we would be staying.  We were thrilled to be 1 block off of Michigan Ave and right on the lake.  The condo was awesome.

See all those great windows?  They were also great for people watching.
Kind of creepy isn't it? 

Jeff had a running commentary about what he thought was going on in these people's lives.
And he even serenaded them. 
Yep, almost dark and still checking out what was going on across the street.
Finally it was time to head out to Joe's Bar.
I told The Sister she needed a cami under her shirt.
She didn't listen. 
I think it had something to do with the fact that she was sippin on a little moonshine. 
Addie was my date for the night.
I think she ended up having a blast :) 
Some of Jeff and Nicole's friends came up and they hung out for a while before they made their way over.
But of course we were gonna get there early cuz there was no way we were missing this... 
Yes, we were that close.
Not just 4 rows from Brantley but 1/4" from the person in front of us, behind us and to the left and right.
You couldn't move at all. 
Then there was the drunk girl behind Addie that kept chewing her out for "invading her space."  Ummmm she should have looked around - I was literally eating the girls hair in front of me it was that tight.  Towards the end some girl was trying to get out and I asked her which way she was going she said "it really doesn't matter.  I'm going home.  You people are freakin crazy."
Sadly, she's right. 

It made my night when we went to leave and the bitchy girl was sprawled on the curb while the rest of the group tried to get a cab.  After she hit me in the head about 15 times and kneed me in the butt a couple of more I didn't feel the least bit sorry for her.

Oh, and someone spit a wad of chew from a few rows behind.  I got it all over my back and it was in Addie's hair.  Yummy.

So we finally get back to the condo and Jeff and Nicole had already gone to bed.  They said they would leave the door unlocked.  Only, the door man wouldn't let us up.  We sat there for about 10 minutes while he made a few phone calls.  Then one of the door men pulled up out front in his sweats and said "oh yeah, I saw them earlier."  Then he had to escort us up to the condo.  I was gonna be pissed if I had to sleep in the lobby.  Overall it was an awesome night!

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