November 1, 2011


The same as last year Asher was not thrilled to wear his Halloween Costume.  After trying to bribe him with candy and promises of seeing his favorite people he was still refusing.  So whipped out the big guns.  I told him if he didn't put it on he wasn't going on the train in a couple of weeks.  He jumped right up and said "OK!" and put it on without a fuss.  Only trouble was he thought we were going on a train NOW, I guess 2 year olds don't understand the concept of a couple of weeks.  I didn't get many good pictures because he wasn't in the mood. 
Asher was scared to death of Grandma & Grandpa Popejoy.  He wouldn't go near them and kept screaming "Mommy hold you-me" I'm not sure why he says it like this but its cute!
She finally got him on her lap but you can tell he was still scared!
He was Wilson from Chuggington in case you couldn't tell.  Most people weren't real sure what he was.  Maybe its because he wouldn't wear the lil hat?
But he perked right up when we saw Charlee.  When did my baby get so tall?

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