November 2, 2011

October Photo Dump

I've seen a lot of "Friday Photo/Phone Dumps" lately.  Since I never use my phone for pics but at the end of the month I always have a bunch of pictures left over I thought I'd just throw them all together.
This month we celebrated Miss Keegan's 10th Birthday.  Asher got to see all his little girlfriends when they went bowling. 
Then he hung out with Keegan and her friend when we went out for dinner that night. 
My Dad finally convinced me to let him take Asher for a ride down the circle in my car. 
Of course there is no car seat. 
But I guess making him wait until he was out of a car seat wasn't really fair.  And he LOVED it!
Josh got a "new" Blazer.  Can't wait to go for a ride next summer! 
Oct 9th was the last day in the pool.  Mom & Dad had it cranked up to a comfy 90 degrees. 
And after all the crying each time he got near the pool before Asher wanted to get in. 
He wanted to get in but of course it would be the last day of the season.
That is fudgesicle on his face. 
Bondo, Mom & Dad's dog looked so pathetic with his lil IV in his leg. 
And just because he's so cute.

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