November 16, 2011

I gots 2 legs Mommy

Asher said this to me a couple of weeks ago.  Normally I would have been thrilled with the fact that he was counting anything!  But that night, as we were putting on his jammies - it made me cry.

I totally took everything with my pregnancy with Asher for granted.  I just figured we'd get pregnant, I would stay skinny with just a bump, I'd have this great birth and then we'd take home a perfect baby!  Although it didn't exactly go as I had planned for the most part it was perfect.  And Asher was perfect.

This time though there is a small possibility that this baby might not have 2 legs - or 2 arms - or 10 fingers and 10 toes.

When I had my first Ultrasound at 7w4d I just figured everything was perfect.  I went in for my regular appointment with  Dr A 2 weeks later and she told me that they saw an Amniotic Band.  Of course she didn't want me to stress out until we knew for sure so she scheduled a follow-up ultrasound for November 7th.  That was one of the longest 2 weeks of my life.  I had no idea if there was really something wrong with the baby or if they had just misdiagnosed. 

Dustin & I went to the ultasound and got to see our little nugget!  We got to see him/her kicking and punching and rolling all around.  I was amazed at how developed it was at just 12 weeks.  We stopped at Dr Austman's office on our way home to get the results.  Yes, there is a small amniotic band there but she said it is on the placenta side (closer to the placenta than the baby) and that all of the limbs looked great.  She said she felt confident after talking with the Dr at the hospital that things would be OK.  Although I still worry (how can you not) I feel much better now that she has reassured me that she thinks it will be fine.  I have another ultrasound in 3 weeks to check and make sure nothing has attached again. 

I think its just the thought that there is a little something in me that could hurt my baby and there is absolutley nothing I can do about it.


Brooke said...

Hey Tess! I know this is me I have been through and I am still going through. I guess the thing that helps me the most is to know that he/she is your baby and you will love it no matter what happens. I know it is hard, but let God give you strength. Have your bad days, but try to focus on the postive (which is SO HARD). Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing.

Asher will help you get through this....just look at his little face and enjoy every minute with him...he and Dustin will help you thought this.

I will pray that is is nothing! Enjoy your pregnancy...this is post really hit home when I just read it! I wish I would have enjoyed my pregnancy more and being at home with my family...because now I miss them more then anything!

Even though I don't know you in real life, I feel like I do.

So love ya girly!

Carlee Gerber said...

Always remember that God will never give you something you can't handle! We will be praying that it is nothing...just one more thing for mommy to worry about!

Jarrin said...

praying for you and your lil' nugget. :-]

remember - nothing is too big for God. he created it all. he can handle it all. but most importantly, he WANTS to handle it all. put it in his hands.

<3 ya!

Wish I Might said...

Praying for you and Baby Nugget!! Thinking of you!!!