November 17, 2011

Asher's Big Boy Room

My Bubby has been in his big boy room a little over a week now!  He has done really good considering the fact that he is in a completely different room now.  When I tell him to go pick out his clothes he always runs into his old room still ;)
Sorry for the flattering pic Lil Buddy 
Asher in his new big bed!  Just like Ashlyn's he says 
Sadly it still looks this bare.  Asher and I went shopping last Friday and bought some "cowboy" things for the wall but I'm waiting for someone to help me hang them up! 
Yes, it looks out of place but Dustin insisted that we move the TV too. 


Carlee Gerber said...

That's so exciting! We are getting Brynlee's Big big girl bed/bedding for Christmas! It's a little sad! :)

Kelli Smith said...

Love the bedding!! I bought the exact same bedding in the nursery style before Ben was born. Super Cute!! :)