December 21, 2011

18 Weeks

You can see my 18 week belly pictures with Asher here.

How far along?: 18 Weeks

How big is baby?: 5.5 inches and about 7 ounces.  About the size of a bell pepper.

Weight gain/loss?: 6 lbs total at my last appt.  I know I've gained since then...

Stretch marks?: Nope

Maternity clothes?: Yes please!  I've finally given up on my favorite pants because they just won't go over my butt anymore.  Shirts I can still wear most of my regular ones as long as they're not too short. 

Sleep?: I already have to pee all the time?!?!

Food cravings?: My Aunt Kristi's press cookies.  I cannot wait until Christmas to have some of these.  Then I'll have to make sure I get some to take home and freeze.   They're SOOO good cold out of the freezer :)

Gender?: Boy!

Movement?: Not a ton of movement but I know for sure thats what it is now.

Belly button?: Its already starting to look flat...

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