December 21, 2011

Tid Bits

Just a few random thoughts before I move on to my 18 week post tomorrow!  Holy Cow.  At this time of the year I start thinking a lot about the contents of my blog in relation to what I have put in here about Asher.  At the end of the year I'll print out my blog book - more on this next week.  I always want to make sure I put everything in there that I can so that I'll have it to look back on.

This morning when I dropped Asher off at MeMe's house the first thing he wanted to do was get on YouTube.  Now, while my sweet little niece Charlee likes to watch educational cartoon videos my son wants to get on to watch Dean Martin singing My Rifle, My Pony and me, or Brantley Gilbert or his newest favorite "Thomas Whett."
Asher has been singing this non stop since Saturday when we went up to Aurora to order our Bridesmaids dresses for Addies wedding.  Although Asher's version is slightly different.... "TeeTee's got her buzz on, gonna widdle her walk."  CUTEST THING EVER.  The Sister & I just ordered his CD and I can't wait to get it, although this song isn't on there.  The Sister and I saw Thomas Rhett open up for Brantley in November.  We were instantly hooked - his Dad is Rhett Akins - you know that song "That Ain't my Truck." 

He is also back to being a total Mama's boy, which I Love.  He wants me to hold him 24/7 which doesn't bother me at all but now that my belly is getting bigger and he's getting heavier its getting harder to do.  If I don't pick him up there is Hell to pay.

I made the mistake of giving him an itty bitty piece of gum last week.  It is now the first thing he asks for before he even makes it out of bed.  I give him like a 1/8" piece and he'll chew it for 2 hours.  When I tell him no he'll say "just a widdle tiny piece."  Ugh its so hard to tell him no.

The other night Asher was poking around on my belly and I told him that the baby could hear him.  He pulled up my shirt and said right to my belly button "Hi Brudder."  Then preceded to sing him Happy Birthday no less than five times.

Here is a sneak peek of the saddle stool My Dad is making Asher for his cowboy room.  Sooooo cool - just like the stools at Gilleys!

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