December 11, 2011

Popejoy Christmas

Today we had the Popejoy Christmas since Dustin's cousin Jaime and her husband Craig were home from Florida.  Jaime is 25 weeks pregnant with Baby Londyn and we finally got to see little Axel!  Can't wait until this summer when there will 4 little babies and 2 rambunctious 3 year olds :)
Asher and Charlee usually play pretty good together. 
Its ususally a game of monkey see - monkey do. 

And Dustin was the baby hog this time which kind of surprised me.  I guess we both are in need of a little practice.  Just talking to Brenda made me remember so many things I had forgotten about.  I was great to be around a little peanut again.  Mr Axel turned 1 month of today! 

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