December 13, 2011

Mama's Christmas List

This post is kind of an extention of my favorite things!  I love to see what is on everyone else's Christmas list because sometimes I have a hard time coming up with ideas.  Here are a few of the things I have asked for this year.
I need one of these so bad.  Most recipes call for cooking something on low for 8 hours.  Only problem is that I'm gone more like 10 hours during the day.  I tried to stretch that on Friday by adding a little extra water to my BBQ Chicken breasts I was making.  I felt sorry for my cousin Matt when he stopped by right after work on Friday and had to bear the horrible burnt chicken smell in my house.  It was so bad that Asher & I packed up and ate dinner at Mom & Dad's.

I want this so bad.  At first I thought I could live without it because my Kindle isn't even a year old but every time a new one comes out I HAVE to have it.  Yes, this will be my 4th Kindle since they came out a few years ago but in my defense I use it every day on my lunch hour and every night before I got to bed.  My Kindle is my best friend.

If I'm getting a new Kindle I'll need a new cover to fit!  I love this one because it looks like a book.

Pressed Mineral Veil in a compact?  Yes, please!

I've used the loose eyeshadows for years and can't wait to try these!

This was something that was either going on my Christmas or Birthday list but I ended up ordering it myself last week.  I've seen awesome reviews on this and after finding out that Brenda has one for Axel and she loves it too I can't wait to use it for Lil Brother.

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Jill said...

I have the same problem with the crock pot, I didn't even know they made a prgramable one!!