January 20, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

 Here are some of the pictures from the last couple of weeks.
After a long day of shopping on New Year's Day my little buddy was worn out! 
Its SNOWING!  Too bad it only lasted 5 minutes that day. 
Asher & I put together his new chair from MeMe and Papa.  I love these chairs because Asher is able to sit at the kitchen table and its the perfect height.  Mama wanted to shoot someone by the time we were done!  Maybe I should ask Dad to assemble things next time :) 
We went to Saybrook for pizza with the Brucker's.  Cullen played the claw game with Asher until we were all out of money.  He brought home 5 stuffed animals - wonderful. 
Asher must now poop with his phone - "Like Daddy does"
I love this picture :) 
I made myself a purse!  Glad you can't see it up close on this blurry phone pic :) 
I stole this one off of Dustin's phone.  About a month ago Daddy & Papa took Asher out to Steve Week's to see the horses!  Asher loves horses but wasn't too sure about them up close.  He said they were BIG!
On Tuesday nights Asher begs RJ to play "Bideo Games"

Happy Friday!

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Jarrin said...

asher is a little RJ - i can hardly believe how much they look alike!
love your purse! what kind of sewing machine do you have? i'm thinking about investing in one but i don't want all the confusing bells and whistles -- something simple :-]