February 27, 2012

28 Weeks

Yes, I know these are terrible pictures.  But I was in a hurry this morning and Asher was throwing a fit about my belly being out again.
28 Weeks with Asher

How far along?: 28 Weeks

How big is baby?: 2 and 1/4 lbs and 14.8 inches long!

Weight gain/loss?: Right around 20 pounds - but I find out today how much I've gained in the last 4 weeks because I have my 28 week appointment and glucose test!  At least this time I'm pretty sure I didn't gain the 9 pounds that I did last month :)

Stretch marks?: Not that I can see but with the way my belly is growing it wouldn't surprise me!

Maternity clothes?: Yes! But a lot of them are getting too small!  I hate to buy new ones but when I purchased most of my maternity clothes (I hit the clearance racks all year) I was about 30 pounds lighter and NOT pregnant.  Evidently I thought I would stay that small....

Sleep?:  Decent.  Asher peed the bed 2 times a couple of weeks ago so I made him go back to pull-ups until he's been dry for one week.  He's done awesome but that also means that he gets up once a night to go potty.  That would be because this Mommy just can't tell him no when he wants "Just a widdle sip of water.  I's thiiiirsty!"

Food cravings?: Nothing I can really think of right now.  My cravings haven't been all that bad lately - hence me thinking I haven't gained as much weight.

Gender?: Another Brudder!

Movement?: Oh yes.  Sometimes I just sit there and rub whatever part is sticking out and beg him to please move so he isn't killing me.

Belly button?: Out. Can't believe how early it happened this time - and its looking a little indecent.

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