February 24, 2012

Tid Bits

This has kind of been a weird week.  Have you noticed my lack of posting?
  • I had Monday off - 2 Mondays in a row and it was great!  Asher and I hung out all day and cleaned and did laundry.  Then we made dinner and I actually had my parents over for a change. 
  • Tuesday we had the funeral for my Great Uncle.  This came the day after they buried his Grandson after a tragic car accident - what a hard week for Glo's side of the family.  Weird thing is - Nikki, the girl I work with, its her Great Uncle too.  My Grandma's Sister is/was married to her Grandpa's brother.  How random.
  • Tuesday night was family dinner night.  Mom made Marlboro Man Sandwiches which are soooo yummy.
  • My Mom, Grandma Jane and Great Aunt Annie bring Asher to Pontiac to have lunch with me every Wednesday.  Its my favorite day of the week!
  • Wednesday Dustin left for work at 6:45 and didn't get home until 9:15.  He works extra hard when his Dad is gone on vacation. 
  • Yesterday I dropped Asher off at the sitter, dropped Boo off at Mom and Dads - then realized that there was no possible way I could wear the pants I had on all day.  They were just too tight on my belly.  So I went back home and changed.  I wore jeans and it was only Thursday.  Again - whoops.
  • Last weekend I made skinny jeans out of a really ugly old pair of maternity jeans.  I used this tutorial and they literally took me 10 minutes.  And they didn't even fall apart when I washed them!
  • I got my blog books in the mail.  I had to break them down into 2 installments because they have a maximum picture load of 1500.  Wow.  I love getting these in the mail.
  • Tomorrow my Uncle Bob is coming to do my wood floors in the kitchen.  I'm so excited.  Dustin is working the Home Show in Forrest so Asher and I will head over there and have a look around.
I took one measly picture this week.  This is last Thursday when Asher and I headed to Gibson City with Mom and Grandma Jane to meet Miss Mel and the kids for dinner at The Bayern Stube.  I hadn't been there since Mom's birthday in November and I was due for some red cabbage!  Asher ate a ton of my steak and some cabbage too.  He loves that place - especially looking at all of the "animals."  I told Gunther as we were leaving I would make sure that I'm in the hospital with Brudder on a Thursday because thats the only day they serve lunch.  When I had Asher Mom went and got me some Hungarian Goulash Soup and it was AWESOME.

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