February 22, 2012

Mr Sandless!

My cousins Ryan & Milissa recently started a new business with Mr. Sandless!  The wood floors in my entryway had seen better days with all of the wet boots and traffic that goes through there so I wanted to be one of their first customers.  My Uncle Bob came yesterday and did them and they look great!  He was done in just a couple of hours and we could walk on them an hour later!  Good thing too because thats the only way into our house.  The pictures don't do it justice but they look great - makes me wonder why we didn't do something like this sooner :)
Years of wear and tear and being the first thing that wet/muddy boots hit made our entryway pretty rough.

Before - it doesn't look all that bad, but trust me.  It was.

And just so you can see the difference here is a before and after shot right next to my stairs.  Pretty amazing that this was done in just a couple of hours!  My kitchen is next :)