February 17, 2012

Tid Bits

 Thoughts and happenings this week.... Make that 2 weeks since I didn't post last Friday
  • Jessie made my day last Tuesday when she emailed me and asked me if I wanted the pre-sale code for the Brantley Concert in April!  Ummm is that even a question worth asking?!?!  I've been counting down all week until the tickets went on sale.
  • **UPDATE**  I was sicker than a dog last week and totally missed buying Brantley tickets.  I was so sick I didn't even care.  Kind of bummed now though.
  • Acid reflux is here - hopefully not to stay.  This past week it has been killing me and I never had it with Asher.  All along I've said that there is NOTHING the same about this pregnancy compared to Asher's.
  • I've hardly used my camera lately.  When I do I just pick it up and shoot in auto mode.  I'm hoping to work on this in the coming weeks.  I wanna brush up on some skills before little man arrives.
  • I also want to try to teach The Sister some basics.  I'm still hoping for a VBAC and I really want a birth photographer but I can't see having someone on call (or that I want in the room) so I'm hoping she can do this for me.  She always wanted to be in the room with Asher so I'm giving her a job!
On the way up to Wisconsin Mom and I played around with PhotoBooth on Dad's IPad.  I'm sure my Aunt Kristi and Cousin Milissa got a kick out of us sending it to them.  Give me a couple more months and my face really will look like this.  I about peed my pants I was laughing so hard - but then again - it doesn't take much these days.
Asher riding his scooter to the car.  In the snow.  In shorts and cowboy boots.
Thats how we roll.
Sending our cousin Kate a text with a thumbs up.  Her and the PC girls cheerleading squad won State!
My view last Wednesday of all the monitors hooked to my belly.
My Mom's view as I was saying "WTF?" when she was taking this picture.  I thought for sure it would be on FB.
And one just for fun .  As I was going through the old pictures on my phone I came across this one.  These are my cousins Heidi and Milissa in Vegas for my 21st Birthday circa 2007.  This was after the Thunder From Down Under and Coyote Ugly - and that is a bathroom counter.  Hehe. 

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Ryan & Milissa said...

OMG!!!! That is sooo funny-too bad we can't get a full view of Heidi's pulled back sexy hair-do!!! LOVE IT and boy did we have a fun night that night:)