February 8, 2012

Kalahari - Saturday

On Saturday morning we headed down to the water park.  I was a little nervous about how Asher would react because usually things like that are just a little "too much" for him.  But I was surprised that he loved it!  What a good weekend for my little man.

Kalahari gets a "thumbs up" from Asher!
Kisses for TeeTee
The guys checking out people coming down the "worst" water slide.  I think they were trying to decide if they wanted to do it.  You stood in a capsle and they literally dropped the floor out from underneath you and you went straight down.  Dustin said it was crazy.
Evidently Josh thought so too.
He was sore for a couple of days.
This place really was amazing - and huge.  Have I said that?
Next Dustin and Josh thought they would race each other.
I thought all their facial expressions were hilarious.
I think they had fun.
I love this kid.  He's a pretty boy.
Next they tried their hand at the wave pool.

This thing was pretty cool. 
After the water park someone was tired so we went back so he we could have a nap. 
I love sleeping little boys. 
Do you think when he's 18 I'll still wanna kiss his baby feet? 
Ok.  Story.  On Saturday Dad and Kevin took off because water parks really aren't their "thing."  We had no idea where they were going or what they were doing.  Little did Dad know Kevin was taking him to a shoe store an hour away.  I think Dad would have rather gone to the water park.  But Kevin totally made up for it because after that they went on a tour of local hole-in-the-wall bars.  They just stopped whenever they saw what looked like a local hang out.  This was right up Dad's alley.  One of the bars they came across was selling raffle tickets for a ham.  I guess they do this every Saturday and it draws a little crowd and everyone is vying for this ham.  So of course they bought tickets.  Wouldn't you know Kevin won?  They said the local people were none too happy that they walked in and won their ham.  They said they about had to back out of the door.
Yeah, a ham.

My Lil Man gettin Sauced at Famous Dave's.  I had a root beer that night.  He must have thought that looked pretty good because he kept begging me for one.  I thought, what the heck, we're on vacation.  He drank 3 of them.
Before dinner the girls ran to an outlet mall across the street.  I found both Dustin and Asher quite a bit of stuff.  Of course we couldn't get out of there without riding the helicopter first!


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