February 7, 2012

Kalahari - Friday

Our weekend at Kalahari was awesome.  We need to go back!  This place wasn't a hotel or a resort - it was a compound.  Thank God everything is connected and you don't have to go outside because I think we walked like 2 miles between our room and the water park!  I was terribly tired all weekend and cramping up from walking so much.  Evidently I'm a little out of shape!

Friday night was low-key.  We went bowling and it was Asher's first bowling experience and he LOVED it!
I was so proud of my little man.  Every time it was his turn I would try to carry his 7 lb ball up to the lane and he would yell at me and tell me that he could do it. 
And he could - what a big boy! 
I'm glad he had a good time. 
Although they might not look like it I think the "adults" did too.

I was exhausted and turned in early that night.  I had woke up that morning with a terrible migraine.  As I was throwing up Asher was singing me Happy Birthday, over and over and over again.

We stopped about halfway there and grabbed lunch at McDonalds.  As we were eating Asher noticed a little boy with cancer.  He kept pointing to him and asking me about his hair and asking me if he was old.  I  told him that that little boy had a very special haircut.  That seemed to answer his question.  How do you explain cancer to an almost 3 year old?

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