February 6, 2012

A Visit with the Welborns

Last weekend we packed up and went and stayed the night at Ryan and Milissa's.  I know it had been a while since we spent the night because last time we were there we hit Wal-Mart on the way home and bought Asher a bike - he loved riding Ashlyn's!
The kiddos enjoyed a snack.  Trust me - they did not sit this well for most of the day!
Awww Asher and Brody had matching bruises on their foreheads!
Asher and Ashlyn crack me up.  He would follow her anywhere.
While Mili and I sat and talked and chased the kiddos the guys spent their afternoon racing each other on their IPads.
We had stopped at Hobby Lobby that afternoon and Ashlyn wanted an "art project" to take home.  This was a real treat for Asher because this Mommy doesn't let him paint at home!  Now I know why :)
They made a mess but they sure had fun.

We set up the pull out couch for them to lay on.  I think they thought that meant to jump on it.
3 Silly Monkeys!

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